About Us

The Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) Ltd is the premier regional organisation representing the interests of media professionals in the Pacific region. It links radio, television, newspapers, magazines, online services, national associations and journalism schools in 23 Pacific Island 

The regional media organisation was formally registered in Fiji as a Company Limited by Guarantee on 23 January 2014.

In November 2004, PINA officially merged with the Pacific Islands Broadcasting Association (PIBA) to become the only voice of the regional media in the Pacific. PIBA was established to look after the interests of public broadcasters until the merger.   What does PINA stand for?   PINA’s main objectives are: 

1. Promote and defend freedom of expression and information 
2. Promote and develop professional standards through training and education 
3. Develop professional fellowship and cooperation.   What does PINA do?  

  • develops training and resource materials, and encourage exchange of information and skills with industry members in the PICs.
  • operates a daily news service, PACNEWS, compiled from news articles contributed by members
  • Promotes good governance through dissemination of accurate information to Pacific Island Countries (PICs)
  • Relationship building with NGOs, donors, and regional organisation in strengthening coverage of their work programmes in the development of PICs.

  How is PINA governed  

PINA Ltd is governed by an executive committee board elected by the members during the General Conference held every two years and five Fiji based directors. PINA Executive Board 2018-2020   President: Mr Kora Nou (Papua New Guinea)
Vice President: Mrs Katalina Tohi (Tonga)
  Industry Board Members  

Print Representative – Ms Hilda Lamani (Solomon Islands)

Radio Representative – Mr George Lavaka (Tonga)

Television Representative – Mrs Viola Ulakai (Tonga)

National Association Representative – Mr Stanley Simpson (Fiji)

Online Media Representative – Mr Iliesa Tora (Tonga)