Supermarket giant Coles is set to bring Fiji Kava products to the mainstream market in Australia as part of a major supply agreement.

The Australian-Fijian company has traditionally produced natural ‘noble kava’ products for the complementary and alternative medicine market.

From June, Coles will stock new and existing products from Fiji Kava and will be the first retailer to sell the ‘Sleep’, ‘Mind’ and ‘Body’ ranges.

Fiji Kava said it will scale up production over the next three months to produce inventory for the launch.

“This is a major milestone in Fiji Kava’s journey, significantly increasing our retail points of distribution and availability across Australia,” founder and CEO, Zane Yoshida, said.

“Kava’s role in the complementary and alternate medicine market is experiencing rapid growth globally. The agreement reached with Coles to range Fiji Kava’s noble kava varieties as a natural alternative to prescription medicines, to promote sleep, soothe and calm the nerves and relax the mind, is a vote of confidence that will only enhance the appeal to consumers both domestically and internationally.”

The company now has expanded its e-commerce presence including launching on Amazon, and is also exploring opportunities to access Chinese e-commerce and Daigou marketplaces.

The pricing details of the agreement are confidential but the company expects to deliver an increase in domestic revenues as a result.